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Inside Florida Racing
Podcast Version 2008

  • Show #68 - Dec 8, 2008
    An action packed, at times explosive show to end the broadcast year for Inside Florida Racing.
    -Billy Ausburn talks about his career
    as a race official and his expanded role with the UDLMCS and Hendry County Motorsports Park in 2009.
    -Steve Darvalics, IFR's Pandora Jewelers Driver of the Month for December celebrates his big win in the Charity Truckers 200. $14,000 was raised by race fans to assist young Lacey Pate.
    - Jason Howell, son of Edward Howell, finished 5th in the Charity Truck race and put on a whale of a show in only his second time behind the wheel of a Pro Truck.
    -David Wilson stops by on his way to NC to get behind the wheel of a Lee Faulk Racing
    Development car in 2009.
    -Keith Butler talks about the Checkered Flag Sprint Series championship he won for 2008.
    -David Rogers has his best finish in the Snowball since the late 1970s. He talks about the importance of good tech at race tracks and the Snowball Derby experience. Also A brand new type of late model has been unleashed by Rogers.
    -Wayne Anderson is surprised with the Pandora Jewelers Driver of the Month award for November. Wayne won the Marion Edwards Memorial and his third Governors Cup last month.
    -Jack Smith gives some advice on the subject of respect, aimed at one promoter in particular.

  • Show #67 - Nov 24, 2008
    Wayne Anderson, winner of his 3rd Governors Cup and the third place finisher from the 43rd running of the Cup race at New Smyrna Speedway, Billy Mowery are guests.
    Also featured are drivers Logan Bordeau (FASCAR ProTruck Champion), and Ryan Pancoast (Charlotte racer). Rick Bristol with news on the Charity Truckers 200 and his possible involvement at Bronson next year.
    News that the the Sunbelt Series will return in 2009 without the FASCAR sanction.

  • Show #66 - Nov 17, 2008
    It's got to be a great show with guests like this: Indy Car Racer, short track promoter and modified ace Davey Hamilton spends some quality radio time with hosts Rob Elting, Bill Green and Jack Smith talking about the new Indy Car Experience at Disney World, short track racing and Indy racing highlights.
    And then a very rare interview with Robert Hart, owner of FASCAR, New Smyrna Speedway and Orlando Speedworld. In this hour long interview Robert Hart covers the "old days" the history of FASCAR , tackles the issues that confront race track owners today, and then gives fans a unique preview of the 2008 Florida Governors Cup.
    The evening is topped off by a return to Inside Florida Racing by the "Superman" Sport Allen, who came of "retirement" to get a big sprint car win at East Bay Raceway Park last Saturday night.

  • Show #65 - Nov 10, 2008
    East Bay co -owner Todd Hutto outlines the new Dirt4Dirt .com Promoters Association, and unveils the new sprint car series (top Gun Sprint Car Series).
    Also Scott Jasek co-owner of the Indy Racing Experience announces the new venue opening Disney World Spoeedway.
    Sean Reutimann previews the annual David Reutimann Charity Golf outing in Zepherhills.
    Kenny Dukes on the Big Dog Motorcycle show for Veterans Day.

  • Show #64 - Nov 3, 2008
    Promoter Bobby Diehl is featured ; discusses the current hard times for racing and gives his alwasy positive look at the future. Late model and modified star Rob Partelo talks about his racing and the current situation with the economy. UDLMCS Race Director Billy Ausburn reviews the Kim Allen Memorial at Hendry County and previews upcoming event at East Bay. Shan Smith gets October Pandora Jewelers Driver of the Month Award. Rick Bristol with update on the Charity Truckers 200.

  • Show #63 - Oct. 27, 2008
    Guests Include Jerry Dostie, New England Modified veteran from years ago who will make an appearance at the 2nd Annual Modified Reunion at New Smyrna in February. Also track owner Phil Guadagno from North Florida Speedway. John Sappraicone from DeSoto Super Speedway also appeared on the show.

  • Show #62 - Oct. 21, 2008
    Travis Kittleson prepares for Nationwide Series race in Memphis and talks about his drive to succeed in NASCAR.  Shan Smith, on a recent roll in Florida dirt late models, shares his excitement finally getting a win at the "Clay by the Bay". ASA drivers Stephen Nasse, David O'dell and Patrick Staropoli review the past weekend's event at Charlotte County. Reverend Larry Miller was the Faster Pastor at Ocala on Friday, his first time racing. Marty Little previews the upcoming Marion Edwards Memorial, a famous Florida race being brought back to life at Orlando Speedworld on October 24.

  • Show #61 - Oct. 13, 2008
    Short Track Racing: Inside the Issues Part Two
    Mike Cope, racing star and owner of Bronson Motor Speedway, talks about his track being for sale or lease, and gives his views on the state of racing. Mike Peters, owner of Ocala Speedway, amplifies on recent discussions about purse money, promotion and other issues important to racers, fans and other owners. Rusty Marcus, General Manager of Orlando Speedworld for the last several years, details the difficulties of race track operations.
    PLUS: Two racers join IFR for bried interviews. One very young racer winning races at New Hendry County (Christian Augsburger) and one retired legend of the world of Modified racing (Leo Cleary). Carol Wicks updates fans on the Modified Reunion coming to New Smyrna Feb. 13, 2009. Real Racin' USA is the only way to get "Inside Florida Racing".

  • Show #60 - Oct. 6, 2008
    Short Track Racing: Inside the Issues Part One
    BJ Cavin gives fans the rundown of the big Friday races at Ocala with Sprints and Late Models.CeCe Brooks visited Don Nerone's Crash-a-Rama at East Bay. Roger Crouse celebrates Modified win at North Florida and is named Pandora Jewelers Driver of the Month. Terry Leiter talks about DeSoto Speedway experiences as a car owner and Dewayne Kelley shares his thought on race track operations. Much talk about promotion advertising and much more news.

  • Show #59 - Sept. 29, 2008
    Jerry Binner and legend Ron Bouchard talk about the 2nd Annual Modified Reunion coming to New Smyrna Speedway. Dirt LM star Josh Peacock talks about his big win at East Bay in the UDLMCS. Promoter Ken Kinney makes some big announcements about the United Dirt Late Models. Racers Steve Darvalics (Trucks) and Brian Blum (ASA Late Models) had great weekends, and share their success. John Sarppraicone (Owner DeSoto Super Speedway) talked about the economic disaster last April. He was right on the mark, we hear his comments and open up discussions about the future of racing in Florida. Right now it is not pretty.

  • Show #57 - Sept. 22, 2008
    Drivers on the show tonite are: Anthony Campi (recent winner in Super Late Models at DeSoto Speedway) - Troy Thiem ( stock car racer at DeSoto, Drag Racer at Bradenton, champion at both) - Jeff Thurman (truck racer at Charlotte) explains why he doesn't race these days. Hint:the economy and cost of racing.
    Also: Jackie Nosbisch coming off his best run of the season in UDLMCS tour, preparing for East Bay race on the 27th. - Andy Lassara shares his ideas on driver promotions and sponsorship.

  • Show #56 - Sept 15, 2008
    Butch Pierce, Competition Director for New Smyrna Speedway, makes his first appearance on IFR to discuss the future at Florida's fastest half-mile. Rick Bristol updates fans on the 2008 Charity Truckers 200, and David Rogers receives the Pandora Jewlers Driver of the Month Award for August.
    Tyler Ivey and Rob Kohler review Tylers big win in the United Dirt Late Models at Golden Isles.
    In the second hour young drivers Amanda Furgeson (Sprints), Casey Caudill (Late Models), Andy Lassara (Champ Cars) are interviewed. Dave Brown closes out the show with a preview of race #7 of the Brown Motorsports Spectacular.

  • Show #55 - Sept. 8, 2008
    United Dirt Late Models promoter Ken Kinney and winner from the UDLMCS event at North Florida, Mark Whitener, open the show.
    Back into action after a two-week hiatus, IFR introduces Joe Lewandoski to Florida drivers and fans. Joe recently took over the job of Marketing Director for New Smyrna Speedway.
    B.J. McLeod and Jeremy Colangelo, two super late model stars who race at New Smyrna are also featured.
    Gary LaPlant opens our sprint segment with comments about his role in starting up the Checkered Flag Sprint Series and recent posts on forums regarding the TBARA.
    Bryn Gohn won the Saturday show at Volusia with sprint racing weekend put together by Ocala & Volusia. Ocala Speedway owner Mike Peters and Gihn are in the spotlight in the last segment.

  • Show #54 - August 18, 2008
    The "Hurricane Fay" show. A review of the "Battle on the Blacktop" at Charlotte, the Brown Motorsports Spectacular, with guests Mike Bresnahan, Danny Foster, Bobby Orr, Wayne Jefferson, Brittini Huntington and promoter Bobby Diehl. Clips from fans and drivers and news from around the state.

  • Show #54 - August 11, 2008
    Guests include Citrus County Speedway promoter Don Cretty, Lee Faulk on his highly successful driver development program in North Carolina and young Miami driver Drew Brannon on his first trip to Bristol in ASA Late Models.
    Ronnie Sims is returning to Fastrucks as the series is being revived. Ronnie tlaks about his departure from Auburndale as Race Director and his new role as Operations Director at Charlotte.
    On the dirt Shan Smith looks back with great humor at his misadventure at Waycross Speedway in the United Dirt Late Models on Saturday night. Then Dusty Cone revels in the big win at Waycross and the fact that he loves the track many drivers find too tough to tame.
    Ken Kinney talks about the upcoming "Battle on the Blacktop" at Charlotte County August 19.
    Phil Harp on the Champ Kart race Memorial race coming to DeSoto next weekend.
    As always news you won't find anywhere else.

  • Show #53 - August 4, 2008
    An awesome motor sports show with a recap of the closing of USA International Speedway and coverage of its last race. Live on the show are David Rogers, winner of Sunbelt race and Keith Lilley, winner in the FASCAR trucks, the last winners ever on the 3/4 track. Also Wayne Anderson, Joe Winchell, Tim Russell, B.J. McLeod, Jay Middleton and more plus fans comments.
    Terry Roberts breaks the news on his leaving New Smyrna Speedway after 8 years as the General Manager.
    In the second hour, Mike Peters of Ocala Speedway and Tonya Moschell of Volusia Speedway Park discuss the sprint car racing the two tracks are working together to promote.
    ....and much more news for race fans you won't get anywhere else.

  • Show #52 - July 28, 2008
    Jeff Choquette, Scotty Crockett, Teddy Nelson, Blake Koch, Linda Jericka and Rusty Marcus are guests.

  • Show #51 - July 21, 2008
    Dick Anderson, Billy Bigley Jr. and Patrick Williams speak about racing multiple tracks and give their take on current racing promotion. Patrick goes into the details of his Hard Charging run in the Scott Thompson Memorial. Co-owner Rex Guy from Auburndale explains the reasons behind recent controversial decisions at the speedway in a very lively debate after his comments about the racing media.

  • Show #50 - July 14, 2008
    Our 50th IFR show was ablaze with cool guests and no shortage of controversy.  For many fans the segment of the this show about Auburndale Speedway may seem like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone. Aaron Williamson and Jason Stifle give their story about being booted from Auburndale and Rob Armstrong tries to defend Rex Guy's decision to not allow them to race.We will leave it to you fans to decide where reality and fantasy divide.   ----- Also tonight Tonya Moschell, GM from Volusia and Ken Kinney talk about the upcoming huge Scott Thompson Memorial. Johnny Collins, Dirt Late Model racer from Jacksonville is named the Pandora Jewelers Driver of the Month for June.  Greg Roberts, severely injured in a school bus figure eight race recently talks about the wreck and his recovery.   FAST Mini Cups update from Rick Auriemma and Travis Wilson talks about his new business venture.

  • Show #49 - July 7, 2008
    A great mixture of veterans and some great young talent highlight this edition of Inside Florida Racing. Wayne Anderson took two wins in the Super Late Models in the last week and as always has some strong opinions on the current state of short track racing.   Mike Franklin Jr is back in action in the late models and is happy having fun at the track. Rob "Bonehead" Elting and "Hollywood" talk about the 'old days'.   Wayne Jefferson is still winning races, but he too is concerned about the future of the local racer.
    Rickly Moxley from the Advance Auto Parts Pro Truck Series, Drew Brannon is up in Indiana celebrating becoming the youngest feature winner in the ASA Late Models, and The Irish ladies (Chandrae and Aaron) talk about their FAST Mini Cup racing.

  • Show #48 - June 30, 2008
    Guests include driver of the Bobby Labonte dirt late model, Jason Fitzgerald fresh from a second place run in the UDLMCS dirt series. Promoters Don Rehm of the Checkered Flag Sprint Cars and Terry Roberts, General Manager from New Smyrna Speedway talk about their upcoming races. Matt Bowers will be trying to hold onto his lead in the Tempaco/Noritz Sunbelt Super Series in the upcoming Clyde Hart Memorial. Rick Bristol begins to prepare for the Dec 5 & 6th Family Fundraiser Truckers 200 at Orlando. Much more and lots of news you won't hear or read about anywhere else.

  • Show #47 - June 23, 2008
    A look at some upcoming events through the eyes of the racers who will compete in them. Jodan Martin is a day shy of nine racing in the FAST Mini Cups racing at Auburndale Speedway.    
    Jeremy Colangelo is chasing both the Noritz/Tempaco Sunbelt Super Series and the Goodyear Challenge Series titles. Sunbelt is at New Smyrna Speedway on July 3rd and this Saturday at Columbia Motorsports Park.  Patrick Thomas is the leader in Southern Sportsman Series, which needs a good showing of cars in its next race or two to keep the series alive. Patrick makes a strong case for supporting this series.
    Blake Koch jumped from MotoCross to Late Models and will be at Charlotte County in the Late Model 100.
    Shan Smith, one of Florida's top dirt late model drivers is looking for win number one in the United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series at Golden Isles. Smith is second in points on the fast growing dirt tour. Sunshine Speedway news, Volusia news, opinions and much more!

  • Show #46 - June 16, 2008
    A great bunch of drivers tonight: Codey & Billy Benoit (Codey won the Legends feature at CCMP), Shea Holbrook (young lady making the switch from road racing to Late Models), Kory Abbott (Continues to win in Legends at Orlando, now heading to huge national event in Montana), Sonny Hughes Retired Late Model driver from DeSoto and SARA Series), Tony Carreno (interesting story from the grandstands as a fan to Modified winner's circle in less than a year) , Todd Freed, Jr, (one of DeSoto's most popular drivers ever, now a law officer and part time racer).Ernie Teed Jr. (Still winning in Open Wheels)
    ....Plus breaking news from Putnam County and much more.

  • Show#45 - June 10, 2008
    Guests include: Johnny Collins fresh off his big win in the Powell Memorial - - Mike Bresnahan took home the Hard Charger Award in the Powell, not bad for a rookie in the dirt ranks. -- Ken Kinney spills the Hot News! about the United Dirt Late Model Series at Volusia and Charlotte County (on asphalt).
    Second hour: Brian Finney, winner of the Sunbelt Series 125 at Lakeland and Daniel Keene, Jr on his big win at Lakeland in the Goodyear Challenge Series -- Wayne Reutimann, Sr visits to talk about his win in the TBARA at Orlando. Rick Anges and Scott Lumbard co-host along with Carol Wicks...Rick announces Travis and Charlie Statts as co-winners of the Pandora Jewelers Driver of the Month for May.

  • Show # 44 - June 2, 2008
    Co-hosts Rob "Bonehead" Elting talk with Scotty Adema about the costs of sprint car racing plus his views on the camaraderie and sprit of the sprint car community. Ken Kinney updates fans on the upcoming Powell Memorial at Ocala Speedway, plus driver Rich Pratt lays it on the line exactly how important this race is to him. Jessica Murphy takes on the boys in the Goodyear Challenge Series at Lakeland, Fl. Don't be surprised if she comes home a winner. Mike Butka updates race fans on the Putnam County Speedway situation, plus more news and views from around the state.

  • Show #43 - May 27, 2008
    It is Powell Memorial time again, only this time it is bigger than big. The Powell memorial will be racing on dirt at Ocala this year and with drivers from the United Dirt Late Model Series combining with the regulars from the speedway's late model ranks it may reach 50-60 cars. Mike Peters (Ocala Speedway owner) and James Powell are guests tonight. From the media we have some conversation with Rick Anges and Joe Linebarier. Driver Chritsian Augsberger (Hendry County), is a 12 year old you want to take notice of. A very good example of why kids should be involved in the sport. Carol Wicks co-hosts the show with CeCe Brooks.

  • Show #42 - May 5, 2008
    Billy "the Kid" Ausburn announces his new job at Ocala Speedway as the Race Director. The FAST Mini Cups are getting good car counts and lots of different winners, Susan Auriemma updates race fans. Bobby Diehl (Charlotte County owner) talks about his teaming up with Steve Dorer (owner of Race Car Engineering) to do some joint efforts at promotion. Five Flags Speedway owner Tim Bryant speaks about the track program, motor rules, promotion and much more. Blaze Martin is the leading rookie in the TBARA this year, and it is about time fans got to know more about him. Wayne Jefferson won the last Extreme Modified Series race as the series closed over the weekend. Jefferson and hosts discuss the modified issues. Clint Foley is named (and surprised) the Pandora Jewelers Driver of the Month.

  • Show #41 -April 28, 2008
    Guests include David Pollen Jr. (dirt & asphalt late models)
    - Kenny Dukes (Central Florida Wingless Sprints) - Todd Schmidt (TBARA Sprints) - George Gorham (Trucks & Late Models) - Raulie Morse (Auburndale racing) - Bill Fisher (update drivers organizing at Putnam County Speedway). Breaking news stories and inside information found no where else.

  • Show #40 -April 21, 2008
    Rex "Boneman" Hollinger joins CeCe Brooks and Carol Wicks to talk with Florida drivers, officials and one track promoter. Guests include: Richard Tipton, Flagman at North Florida Speedway - Chris Smyth, Speedworld driver - Bill Fisher, race director with the new group of drivers and owners who are going to operate the track in 2008. Fisher talks about the challenges of getting the track back in the groove. - Two top sprint car drivers are featured: Doug Hevron, preparing for the Little 500, Dude Teate, one of the top stars of the TBARA. - Late model racer from Orlando Patrick Conrad stops by and promoter from Speedworld Rusty Marcus updates fans on the 2008 racing season.

  • Show #40 -April 14, 2008
    Guests: Brown Motorsports Spectacular winner Eugene Davidson
    from Auburndale. Frank Pfister, FAST Mini Cup driver currently leading the points race. Bobby Diehl on some upcoming events at Charlotte County Motorsports Park. John Sarppraicone, DeSoto Super Speedway owner, talks about racing, the horrible economy and changes needed in racing. Rob Sweeten, photographer from Hendry County Speedway updates fans on Florida southernmost race track. Veteran sprinter Stan Butler on the TBARA series. Keith Butler, sprint car driver and son of Stan, outlines his project to assist troops in the war zones.

  • Show #39 -April 7, 2008
    -ASCS Sprints Cars preview...coming to Ocala Speedway- Mike Peters
    -TBARA Winged Sprints are going strong...31 cars at DeSoto last weekend - Sonny Hartley and Dave Shotsberger from the TBARA
    -Dave Brown on the Brown Motorsports Spectacular coming to Auburndale Speedway.
    -Jeff Firestine is named Pandora Jewelers Driver of the Month...A surprised Jeff visits with Rob and CeCe.
    -The announcement of the Pandora Jewleres Driver of the Year Ring from Inside Florida Racing. This awesome prize awaits one successful racer at years' end.
    -Ken Kinney outlines the makeup racing for the Untied Dirt Late Model Challenge Series on April 26th at East Bay.

  • Show #38 - March 31, 2008
    The latest news from around the Sunshine State, discussion of Pandora Jewelers Driver of the Month for March.....Guests include: Kevin Durden(winner in Ocala Hobby Stocks), Mike Bresnahan (winner in Ocala Late Models in his first race on dirt), Justin Reynolds (Orlando Super Stocks), Wayne Morris (two feature wins at Charlotte in two classes) Ken Kinney on the upcoming United Dirt Late Model race at East Bay Raceway Park. Interiews with drivers from the Bronson ASA Late Model race (Justin Larson, Blake Lehr & Jimmy Lang)

  • Inside Florida Racing took the week off March 24, 2008

  • Show #37 - March 17, 2008
    The racing legend Buzzie Reutimann keeps on winning and inspiring, these days it is at East Bay Raceway Park in the Modifieds. Other drivers on tonight's show: Scot Walters (late medels), AJ Curreli (late models), Scotty Crockett (Hooters ProCup), David Foster (super stocks), Dakotah Stephens (sprints), Kevin Macy (late models) and announcer Scott McAllister.

  • Show #36 - March 10, 2008
    Five time National Dirt Late Model Champion and Southern All Stars Champion Ivedent Lloyd is our special guest. In an extended interview Lloyd talks about his career, the United Dirt Late Model Series and much more. Ivedent is coming off a big win in his first visit to Hendry County Speedway.
    Other guests include fifty year racer and winner of the Brown Motorsports Spectacular #1 Eugene Davidson....dirt late model driver Shan Smith.....Sunbelt Super Late Model racer Brian Finney....Bill Green from and the Tampa Tribune.....Mark Clauss with the Florida Slingshots.

  • Show #35 - March 3, 2008
    Mike Peters reviews his successful debut as a dirt track operator (Ocala Speedway), Checkered Flag Sprint Series winner Jeff VanDusen from New York, Randy Kile trauck racer, David Brown and Wayne Jefferson announce Jefferson- Irwin Racing's involvement with the Brown Motorsports Spectaculars at Auburndale Speedway, Rob Kohler Hendry County Speedway announcer on the upcoming United Dirt Late Model Series race, and Rick Anges announces his new role as announcer of the series. News from around the state, and the announcement of the PANDORA JEWELERS Florida Driver of the Month.
  • Show #34 - February 25, 2008
    With CeCe Brooks & Carol Wicks down with the flu, Bill Green joined Rob Elting and Jack Smith for a wild ride around the Sunshine State.  Guests included Randy Fox, David Wilson and his new Crew Chief Scot Walters, Keith Lilley, Jason Schroder and Mini Cup team mate Jerry Parker plus racer Bobby Orr. Promoters Don Rehm (Checkered Flag Sprint Series) and Ken Kinney (United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series) plus the REAL "Mouth of the South" Scott McAllister.
  • Show #33 - February 18, 2008
    Speedweeks star David Steele in the TBARA Sprints, Logan Ruffin (13 years old) in the Crate Late Models are featured. Also Bobby Orr and Tim Russell are guests to talk about the Pete Orr Sportsmanship Award (which Russell was presented this past Saturday). The First Annual Modified Reunion is recapped with Jerry Binner, Phil Schriver and Carol Wicks. Bobby Diehl explores the racing past of Frank Firestine, who recently passed away. News from around the state.
  • Show #32 - February 11, 2008
    Julius Bruce & daughter Lindsey talk about the great young fans of Auburndale Speedway and Lindsey's racers. Steve Dorer, owner of Race Car Engineering, talks about his late model racing, his business and much more.  The "real deal" Don O'Neal spends some time with Rob and CeCe. Don is one of the top dirt late model drivers in the country. Roger Crouse, another veteran late model racer, won the big prize at Hendry County Speedway and is excited about the upcoming Modifieds at East Bay Raceway Park. Roger owned the Open Wheel Mods in 2007. Justin Choquette talks about his racing and gives insights into his more well known cousin Jeff. Ken Kinney is getting more excited by the day as the debut of his new United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series moves ever closer. "Rocketman" Wayne Jefferson, winner at Charlotte Saturday, and Jason Beckner, Charlotte announcer stop by the studio to talk to fans.  Plus breaking news you hear first only on INSIDE FLORIDA RACING.
  • SPECIAL EAST BAY SHOW - February 7, 2008
    Live from East Bay Raceway Park during the Lucas Oil Late Models Week at East Bay's Winternationals.
  • Show #31 - February 4, 2008
    Mike Peters with an update fom Ocala - Christian Augspurger, young racer from Hendry County - Jeremy Colangelo survives a bout with CeCe and Bonehead - Don Rehm on his new Sprint Series - Tom Wofford talks about the old days at Eau Gallie and the new days racing around Florida - Jeff Choquette gets a big surprise - British Ice Racers getting ready to sqaure off in Tampa - Speedweeks news from around Florida.
  • Show #30 - January 28, 2008
    LeRoy Davidson, builder and former owner of Charlotte County Speedway is featured in what is sometimes a brutally frank look at racing and its current promoters by one of Florida's most colorful characters. David Brown from Brown Motorsports is getting ready to fire up the Auburndale Speedway fans with some awesome shows in 2008 Tune in for all the details.   Also Jeff Choquette with his dad John talk about Jeff's recent wins and his career. Why is John so nervous at the races?  Tim Bryant stops by from Five Flags.
  • Show #29 - January 21, 2008
    We talk with's Florida Promoters of the Year Liz and Phil Guadagno, asphalt Driver of the Year Robbie Cooper and dirt Driver of the Year Sean Smith.  Also joining the show 15 year old late model driver Ross Chastain, and promoters Tommy Dunford from Bronson and Rusty Marcus from Orlando. Rob Kohler, announcer from New Hendry County Speedway.  The focus is on news and changes for 2008 at the tracks
  • Show #28 - January 14, 2008
    Promoters in the spotlight: Gary LaPlant (Suncoast Outlaw Street Stocks) - Terry Roberts (New Smyrna) - John Sarppraicone (DeSoto) -Todd Hutto (East Bay) - Announcer for Ocala & Elsewhere Soctt McAllister - Susan & Rick Auriemma (Fast Mini Cup Series)
  • Show #27 - January 7, 2008
    Promoters in the spotlight: Mike Peters (Ocala), Don Cretty (Citrus), Bobby Diehl (Charlotte), Rex Guy (Auburndale), Phil Guadagno (North Florida) Also Wayne Anderson and Jeff Choquette both getting ready for some dirt racing in 2008.

  • Inside Florida Racing -
    Podcast Version 2007
    Show #26 - December 10, 2007
    Guests included Jimmy Owens ( Dirt Late Model winner at East Bay), Kory Abbott (winning Legends driver), Mike Besnahan (going dirt going asphalt, retire, Sunbelt, we'll see), Sid Whiteside (NASGRASS Mower racing), Rick Bristol and Bill Green.   WE REGRET THAT RECORDING OF THE SHOW IS NOT AVAILABLE
  • Show # 25 - December 3, 2007
    Guests include: Snowflake winner at Five Flags Speedway Ryan Crane and Kurt Jett, winner of the big modified race at Five Flags are featured. Jett didn't make the Snowball Derby but Crane led some laps in the main event. 
    Jerry Parker Fast Mini Cup Driver of the Year and Series Champion.
    Roby Helm with Late Model Series on the huge event coming to East Bay Raceway on Dec 7 & 8. Roby also tells some stories from the old days in Florida racing.
    Outlaw Street Stocks  promoter Gary LaPlant has put together a 100 lap event for Street Stock at Charlotte County in January, should be a great event.
    Dave "Big Daddy" Pletcher in a rare interview tlaks about the "golden age" of stock car racing and his fantastic career behind the wheel. He is not done!
    A "Blast from the Past" segment with Dave Westerman, the man with the memories. Dave tells the great stories of Golden Gate Speedway in Tampa, back in the day.
  • Show #24 - November 26, 2007
    Susan & Rick Auriemma promoters of the FAST Mini Cup Series,  winner of the Florida State Truck Championship at New Smyrna Speedway Logan Bordeau,  Champion of the FASCAR Advance Auto Parts Pro Trucks Scott Reeves, Don Cretty (Critter) GM of Citrus County Speedway and Steve Myers with late breaking Snowball Derby news.
    Featuring special guest Jim Fenton, Winner of the '79 Florida Governors Cup.
  • Show #23 - November 19, 2007
    Once again proving that a positive attitude toward racing and a sense of humor makes for some good radio.
     -Newly elected president of the TBARA winged sprints Lenny Puglio is interviewed for the first time since he took over the club.
    -Scott Lumbard begins publishing the new racing magazine, "Sunshine State Racing", first edition of the 140 page mag appears in January 2008.
    -Jeff Choquette on his second Governors Cup title, some surprises from Jeff,'ll just have to listen.
    -Mike Powers on the new STARS truck racing series, plus news on the Charity Truckers 200.
    -Becky and Scott Jackman answer questions about the future of the FASCAR touring series.
  • Show #22 - November 12, 2007
    A special three hour edition.... opens with Dirt Late Model star Shan Smith and dirt LM promoter Ken Kinney. Then a one hour Governors Cup preview with Don Nerone, Dick Anderson, Wayne Anderson and Jeff Choquette.  Mike Peters answers all your questions about the new era of dirt at Ocala as the speedway "returns to its roots".
  • Show #21  - October 15, 2007
    What a lineup of guests: Jeff Choquette, Drew Brannon, Kurt Jett, Scott Grosenbacher, Jermey Gerstner, Sean LeMaster and Roger Crouse. Auburndale's Rex Guy outlined the upcoming Modified 100 and Ocala announcer BJ Cavin talks about the 12 Hours of Ocala.
  • Show #20 - October 8, 2007
    Late Model veteran Herb Neumann from Citrus County Speedway is featured.  Truck racers Al Neumann, Austin Howell and Stch Greco all are having great success in 2007 and join the show to talk about their seasons. 
    Terry Price is one of Florida racing's top "blue collar" racers and one of those who exude excitement, Terry joins Carol Wicls, "CeCe" Brooks and "Bonehead" Elting in a lively discussion.
  • Show #19 - October 1, 2007
    Thirty year veteran racer Doug Heveron is retiring from behind the wheel. He and car owner Don Heckman visit with IFR along with modified ace Robbie Cooper and new rookie stock car driver John Tenney. Gary LaPlant, owner of the Suncoast Outlaw Street Stocks, is promoting the upcoming "Hatfields and McCoys" race at Charlotte County Speedway.  Interview clips from East Bay Raceway Park's Bike and Stock Car Show and a trip around the state, visiting with many of the track announcers for a week in review.
  • Show #18 - September 24, 2007
    Unquestionably, Pete Hamilton's greatest victory came in 1970 when he won the Daytona 500 in the Petty Enterprises #40 Superbird. Pete spends 30 enlightening minutes with the Inside Florida Racing news team.  Figure Eight star, straight from Indy, Wayne Calkins joins us to talk about the breath taking sport he excels at.  Todd Hutto is taking East Bay Raceway Park in some new directions that might surprise you.
    Breaking news out of Orlando Speedworld for Winter 2008. And much more!
  • Show #17  - September 17, 2007
    Nationally known Sprint Car Champion David Steele talks about recent TBARA races and upcoming event at DeSoto Speedway. Tommy King visits to talk about Late Model Racing. Mark Keeler from FASCAR joins KIX Country's Ce Ce Brooks as guest host and reporters from all over Florida review last weeks events. Bobby Diehl explains the confusion surrounding a recent late model race at Charlotte. 
  • Show #16  - September 10, 2007
    Jimmy Jeep gets things started and then Wayne Jefferson and Scot Walters talk about the change with the #92 Super Late Model ride. Jason Garver on his 140 checkered flag runs. Racer X calls in to vent about his relationship with Hendry County, and several tracks announce plans for major events and review their top drivers of late. A return to 911 and a trip back to an owners meeting organized in 2001 by and furious race talk.
  • Show #14  - September 3, 2007
    Exciting Motocross superstar turned stock car racer, Ricky Carmichael is featured, along with dirt late model champion Earl Pearson Jr., driver for Bobby Labonte.  Also visiting with IFR was Travis Cope, fresh off his first USA International Speedway win and Jason Lowe, dirt modified racer from Putnam County Speedway.
  • Show #13 - August 27, 2007
    A rather unlucky 13th show for the Inside Florida Racing crew as lightning knocked us off the air and the first hour and ten minutes of the show was lost.  CeCe Brooks, Clear Channel radio personality
    (KIX Country) in Southwest Florida was a special guest. Terrell Webb from Auburndale Speedway. Also Dave Westerman from Orlando Speedworld, plus Rex 'Boneman' Holliger.
  • Show #12  - August 20, 2007
    The Cecil Williams Memorial 100 is featured with guests Tim Lake, Patrick & Earleen Williams, Tim Russell and Scott McAllister. Also a replay of a 2000 interview with Bert Ashelman.
  • Show #11  -  August 13, 2007
    The legendary Bugsy Stevens, plus Lew Boyd and Bill Wimble...all about racing in the OLD DAYS!  with Special guest host Chaplain Bill Ross joining Carol Wicks and Rob "Bonehead" Elting.
  • Show #10  -  August 6, 2007
    John Sarppraicone (owner DeSoto) and Mike Peters (owner Ocala) answer questions from fans about their tracks. Also veteran racer David Rogers is a guest.
  • SHOW # 9  -  July 30, 2007
    Rick Bristol on the Truckers 200, Lee Collins Mr Modified, Gene Crane on Triple Crown II, Don Rehm on TBARA,  No. Florida Speedway owner Liz Guadagno and "The Punisher" Mike Crooks...Where did they get those hosts?.(135 min)
  • Show #8  -  July 23, 2007
    Florida's real "Mr. Excitement" Jimmy Cope, Craftsman Truck and ASA driver Chris Fontaine, young trucker Tyler Lainge, Auburndale Honcho Rex Guy.  Super Late Model racer from Texas,Casey Smith, is a regular at Five Flags and Mobile, Al.  (125 min)
  • Show #7  -  July 16, 2007
    Currently heading up the seven FASCAR traveling shows, Don has been promoting motorsports events in Florida and around the U.S. for over 30 years. In the last decade he has been most involved in revitalizing late model racing and bringing special "crash and burn" type shows to stock car venues. (180 min)
  • Show #6  -  July 9, 2007
    The legendary "King of the Short Tracks" Dick Anderson is featured in an extended in depth interview covering many racing topics.  Jeff Choquette, One of the drivers of Anderson's famous #92 updates his fans on his racing career.  Dave Brown on the North Florida Speedway success story. Jane Smith talks with hosts Carol Wicks, Racin' Jason Beckner and the " Bonehead", Rob Elting.
  • Show #5  -  July 2, 2007
     Billy Bigley Jr.  Hooters Pro Cup racer and father of new racers, Cory & Dylan - Scott McAllister Columbia Motor Sports Park Announcer - Gary La Plante President of Outlaw Street Stocks - Bob O'Leary AKA OSF - Danny Yates Sportsman class CCMP
  • Show#4   -  June 28, 2007
    Rusty "50-50" Marcus, The Brothers Gimmler TBARA)-Don Heckman (sprints), Ken Kinney (Hendry County), Terry Scampton (Sunshine Reunion)
  • Show #3  -  June 21, 2007
    The Barfields, longtime sponsors of the TBARA New Smyrna Speedway GM Terry Roberts - "Wild Child" - Brian Gingris  - Shane Butler all from the TBARA - Rex "Boneman" Hollinger, veteran Karnacian
  • Show #2  -  June 14, 2007
    Rich Pratt, Patrick Williams, Joe Linebarier (Volusia Announcer), Bob Culbertson (AKA Flvideo)  , Todd Hutto (Co-owner of East Bay), Joe Van Hoose (Ocala Star Banner), Daniel Webster, Terry Wall (Motorsports Media)
  • Show #1 -   June 7, 2007    
    Wayne Anderson, James Powell, BJ Cavin, Mike Peters, HTC, Don Sutter and STRGBEAN ...

January - Jeff Choquette               July - Donnie Ollie Jr.
February - Shane Williams             August - David Rogers
March - Jeff Firestine                     September -Roger Crouse
April - Clint Foley                            October- Shan Smith
May  -  Travis and Charlie Statts   November - Wayne Anderson
June - Johnny Collins                       December - Steve Darvalics

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