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                    Our Guest List
a partial list - unmatched by anyone covering short track racing

  Untitled Document Al Neumann - Truck racer
Al Varnadore-Eastbay Raceway Owner
Alan Bragg-15 year old Cowboy Cadillac
Alex Yontz-winner of the Martinsville Speedway Bailey’s 300
Alison Quick - ASA Late Model Driver
Andy Hillenburg - owner of Rockingham
Andy Kelley - Alcohol Funny Car racer
Andy Loden - 2007 Hickory Late Model Champ
Andy Simon - AHDRA MacTools Pro Wrench of the Year
Anthony Campi-ASA LAte Model Driver
Aric Amirola - Short tracks to NASCAR
Arlene Pittman- Cochran Speedway Promoter
Armon Furr - AHDRA rider
Augie Grill - winner 2007 Snowball Derby
Austin Howell - Truck racer
B.J. McLeod-Late Model Champ
Barfields -longtime sponsors of the TBARA Sprints
Beau Slocumb -ASA Late Model Series
Becky and Scott Jackman - operators of FASCAR traveling series
Ben Stancill -2007 Rookie star Hooters ProCup
Bert Ashelman - former owner promoter from Florida
Big Al Styer- ASA Crew Chief
Bill Baird -1999 ARCA Champ
Bill Ross - Chaplain
Bill Wimble - New England racer from 'the old days"
Billy Bigley Jr. - Hooters Pro Cup racer
Billy Calbert Jr.-FMSC Racer
BJ Cavin - Ocala Speedway Media
Bob Buckholz - Race promoter and author
Bob Culbertson -AKA Fla video
Bob Drap - AHDRA rider
Bob Dube - KILLACYCLE creator
Bob Jenkins-Former EPSN Announcer
Bob Malloy - AHDRA rider
Bob O'Leary AKA OSF - race fan
Bobby Alexander Sr. - Dirt Late Models
Bobby Diehl-Owner Charlotte County Motorsports Park
Bobby Dotter - NASCAR Craftsman Truck Team owner.
Bobby Orr-Son of Pete Orr
Bobby Santos III - Sprints and Late Models
Bobby Sears-Pete Orr Sportsman Award Winner
Bobby Smith - owner of Kinston Dragstrip in North Carolina
Brad Bischoff & Brian Slentz-Open Wheel Mods at Desoto
Brandon Johnson - ASA LAte Model Driver
Brandon Johnson - ASA Late Models
Brandon Ward - Hooters ProCup
Brenda Grubbs - IHRA
Brian Beckner-Former CCMP racer
Brian Birkhofer - Dirt Late Models
Brian Blum - ASA LAte Model Driver
Brian Folk - IHRA Super Rods
Brian Gingris - TBARA Sprints
Brian Tyler- 2 time USAC Sprint Car Champion
Brothers Gimmler - TBARA
Bruce Croneberger III - All Harley Drags
Bruce Hibbs Jr - Late Models
Bruce Litton - 2007 IHRA Top Fuel Champion
Bud Howell-DeSoto Flagman
Buddy Bryan-Late Model Digest photographer
Bugsy Stevens - New England racer from 'the old days"
Burt Thomas -ASA Official
Butch Miller - reviews the 2007 ASA Late Model season
Butch Miller - Veteran Late Model Racer
Buzzie Reutimann - Legend of the Sprints and Modifieds
Carol Wicks-#1 Race Fan!!!
Casey Caudill-Truck Racer
Casey Smith -Super Late Model racer from Texas
CCMP-Road Warriors- Shane Leonard, Donnie Ollie, Jr, Jesse Gargis and Wally Smith
CeCe Brooks, Clear Channel radio personality (KIX Country)
Chad Kemenah-2006 World Of Outlaws Rookie of the Year
Charlie Menard - Late model racer
Charlie Walker - AHDRA rider
Chas Howe - Howe Racing is one of the top names in car building
Chicago Joe Scotella - All Harley Drags
Chris Fontaine - Craftsman Truck and ASA driver
Christy Hudson - AMP Series (Arkansas Motorsport Professionals)
Chuck Gonzalez - ASA Official Photographer
Clay Rogers-2006 USAR ProCup Champion and Snowball Derby winner
Clint Reynolds - Texas Sprint Car Driver
Clyde Poole-Eastbay Sprinter
Cody Pitts-fifteen year old Late Model ace
Colt James - ASA Late Model Driver
Colt James - ASA Late Models
Corey Schultz - Five Star Racing's Marketing Rep
Cory Bigley - young star
Craig Clarke -Trakc Rescue
Craig Tharpe General Manager AHDRA
D.J. Hoelzle-Open Wheels, Busch, TBARA
Dakotah Stephens-sprint car champion
Dale Brand - Alcohol Funny Car racer
Dalton Zehr-ASA
Damien Hazelton -IHRA 2007 HotRod World Champion
Dan Norlin - AHDRA rider
Dan Norlin -AHDRA rider
Dan Partelo-OWM
Dangerous Dan Toler-Allman Brothers, Duane Allman Band Guitarist
Daniel Johnson-”blue collar” Hooters ProCup Success story
Daniel Miller-10 year old Florida Mini Cup driver (Ocala, Fl).
Daniel Webster - Late Model racer
Danny Sammons - Area Auto Racing News
Danny Yates - Sportsman class CCMP
Dargan Watts - Promotions and Media
Darrell Waltrip-3 Time Winston Cup Champion
Dave Brown - North Florida Speedway Sponosr
Dave Mader III-one of America’s winningest stock car drivers
Dave Westerman - A “Blast from the Past” Golden Gate Speedway in Tampa
Dave Westerman - Orlando Speedworld
Dave “Big Daddy” Pletcher - a rare interview - “golden age” of stock car racing
David Brown-North Florida Motor Speedway
David Feazell - AHDRA ProGas National Champion
David Green-Busch Champion
David Reutimann -#00 Nextel Cup star
David Rogers - Former NASCAR Late Model National Champion
David Steele - Sprint Car Champion
David Wilson-Late Models, ASA, Hooters Pro Cup
Dean Butrum-Mini-Stock Champ
Dean Druschel -AHDRA
Dennis Huth - Creator of the Craftsman Truck Series
Dennis Setzer - NASCAR Craftsman Truck star
DeSoto Bombers-Romey, Punisher, The Mayor, Dynamite and more joined us in house
DeSoto Magic 4 Class-Jessica Ostrovskis,Andrew Pratt,Albert Nail,Austin Cavey
Dick Anderson - The legendary "King of the Short Tracks"
Dillon Oliver - ASA LAte Model Driver
Doc Batson-Sportsman racer
Don Cretty (Critter) - GM Citrus County Speedway
Don Critty-General Manager of Citrus
Don Heckman -sprints
Don Huffman -AHDRA rider
Don Nerone,Dick Anderson,Wayne Anderson,Jeff Choquette - Florida Governors Cup
Don Nerone-FASCAR
Don Radebaugh-ARCA Public Relations and Media Director
Don Rehm-TBARA President
Don Sutter - race fan
Donny Schatz-World of Outlaws 06 Champion
Doug "Wild Child" - TBARA Flagman
Doug "Wild Child" Dunham - FLagman
Doug Auld - Sprint Car Mgagazine Publisher
Doug Heveron - on his retirement from Sprints
Doug Horn-AHDRA (All Harley Drag Racing)
Doug Rose-Green Mamba
Doug Vancil - AHDRA rider
Drew Brannon - young Late Model star
Drew Brannon-Trucks Limiteds
Dumont Smith - winner 1967 Florida Governors Cup
Dusty Cone - Dirt Late Models
Dwayne Barrus - Late Models
Dwayne Bryan-ARCA star from Lake Alfred, Fl.
Dylan Bigley - young star
Earl Pearson Jr., - dirt late model champion
Earleen Williams - Wife of Cecil Williams longtime pace car driver
Ed “E.J.” Strzepek-Crew Chief of the “Black Ice” Jet Car
Eddie Carrier Jr - dtirt late models
Eddie Hoffman - ASA LAte Model Driver
Eddie Hoffman - Late Model veteran
Eddie Van Meter-super late model standout
Erik MacMillan-TBARA
Francois Pelletier-created the “Buckethead Campaign”
Frank Kimmel - 8 time ARCA champion
Fritz Augustine - Retired Official
Fritz Augustine - on his retirement after 49 years
Gary La Plante - President of Outlaw Street Stocks
Gary Montague - Flagman
Gary St Amant - Short Track legend
Gene Crane - USA Announcer y
George Shaw- Boyd’s Speedway in Georgia
Greg Best - AHDRA rider
Greg Krenik-AHDRA
Greg Leonard-Sprint Car ace
Herb Neumann - Late Model veteran from Citrus County Speedway
Howie Commander-Lebanon Valley
Jack Landis-Ohio Late Model Racer
Jacob Goede - ASA Late Models
Jacob Wilson - Sprint car racer
James Beuscher-ARCA
James Essex-Cherokee Speedway
James Powell -Annual Powell Memorial
Jane Smith - KARNAC's illlustroius writer and Jane of all trades.
Jason Boyd - Late Model Racer
Jason Garver - Modifieds
Jason Lowe - dirt modified racer
Jason Lynch - IHRA Top Sportsman 2007 Champion
Jason Mitchell - Whelen Modified PR Director
Jay Carbury - Dirt Modified Car Owner
Jay Turner - top fuel and pro fuel AHDRA
Jay Turner -AHDRA
Jean Lynch-Sprint Car Hall of Fame Member
Jeff Choquette - ASA Late Model Champion
Jeff Choquette - on his second Governors Cup title
Jeff Choquette-Dirt and Late Model Ace
Jeff Dobbins - IHRA Pro Stock racer
Jeff Leka-Dirt Modifieds
Jeff Milges, VP of MotorSports Rescue Association
Jeff Scofield-Super Late Model racer
Jeremy Root-a young racer who is sponsored by David Reutimann
Jermey Gerstner - Late Models & Modifieds
Jermey Gerstner-Late Models
Jerry Lewis - Worlds fastest VW Bug dragster
Jerry Parker Florida Fast Mini Cup Driver of the Year
Jessica Green-Truck Racer
Jessie Dutilly-Jack of all trades in the drivers seat and king of the setups at Desoto
Jim Fenton - Winner 1979 Florida Governors Cup.
Jim Jones-FASCAR Photos
Jimmy 'The Newport Nightmare" Owens - Dirt Late Models
Jimmy Cope - "Mr. Excitement"
Jimmy Lang - ASA LAte Model Driver
Jimmy Mars - Dirt Late Model star
Joe Libertore - Racing NetworkPresident
Joe Linebarier -Volusia Announcer
Joe Linebarier-Volusia Announcer
Joe Schmaling - Racing official
Joe Smith-OWM
Joe Timney - East Coast Timing Association
Joe Van Hoose -Ocala Star Banner
Joey Aguilar-TBARA
John Barker -Motorsports Writer
John Cabral - AHDRA rider
John Furr - 3 time IHRA Hot Rod Champ
John Kidwell and dad.-(Inverness, Fl) driver of the 7ny FastKids truck
John Mitchell - AMP dirt late model 2007 Champion
John Sarppraicone-Desoto Speedway owner
John Tenney - stock car driver
Johnny Allen - Dirt Late Models
Johnny Brazier-Dqed Snowball Winner
Johnny”Action” Jackson-ARCA/Late Models
Justin Drawdy-Late Model Champ
Keeton Hanks - ASA LAte Model Driver
Keith Butler- TBARA Sprint Car
Keith Grant - Race Saftey Innovations
Keith Grant -Race Safety Innovations
Ken Kinney - Dirt LM Promoter
Ken Kinney - dirt LM promoter
Ken Kinney -Hendry County
Ken Sands-former East Bay announcer and car owner
Kenny Adams-Sprint Cars
Kevin Ruic - promoter
Kevin Ruic- promoter extraordinaire
Kevin Winters - AHDRA rider
Kory Abbott - Legends
Kurt Jett - Late Models & Modifieds
Kurt Jett - Modified winner at 2007 Snowball Derby
Kyle Beard - AMP 2007 Rookie of the year
Kyle Beard - dirt late model racer
Kyle Beard - Dirt Late Models
Kyle Owen-North Florida Speedway’s Modified Champion
L.E. Tonglet -AHDRA
Larry "Drums" Brancaccio - AHDRA rider
Larry Mattingly-promoter of Jennerstown Speedway
Larry Sams - ASCS
Laurie Cannister - Alcohol Funny Car racer
Lee Collins - Mr Modified
Lee Faulk-Racer/Car Builder/Promoter
Lenny Puglio - TBARA winged sprints
LeRoy Davidson-Former owner of Charlotte County Speedway
LeRoy Porter-Late Model Racer
Lew Boyd - New England racer from 'the old days"
Liz Guadagno - North Florida Speedway
Logan Bordeau - winner Florida State Truck Championship
LW Miller - Modified racer
Lyn St. James-Indy cars
Magic 4 driver Chelsea LaJoie and step-dad Jeff Dufresne, former Late Model racer
Marc Williams -IHRA Safety
Mark Thomas - six time World Champion Drag Racer
Mark Young - IHRA Super Stock racer
Martin Pierce-owner of the Huntsville Speedway
Marvin Panch-1961 Daytona 500 winner
Mary Green-Florida Mini Stock racer
Matt Cohen-Truck Racer
Matt Delaney-Outlaw Modifieds
Matt Priuer - ASA Media Director
Michael Annett - ASA LAte Model Driver
Michael Beard - IHRA
Michael Cenzai-Truck Racer
Michael Faulk-ARCA racer
Michael Ray - AHDRA rider
Michael Smith-TBARA’s top Rookie 2006
Michelle Theriault-Pro Cup,ARCA
Micky Cain - Promoter wih ASA Racing Series
Mike Abney - POWERMASTER ASA Fastlane sponsor
Mike Beecher-Director of Media Relations for Rusty Wallace’s Iowa Speedway
Mike Bresnahan - Dirt Late Models
Mike Cope-Racer/Bronson Speedway owner
Mike Crooks - "The Punisher"
Mike Kirkowski - Shotime Motorsports
Mike Peters - new era of dirt at Ocala as the speedway “returns to its roots”
Mike Peters - Owner of Ocala Speedway
Mike Petrie - IHRA
Mike Powers - STARS Truck Series
Mike Romine - AHDRA Top Fuel
Mike Smith - PR Director for Martinsville Speedway
Natalie Sather - Sprint Car racer
Nate Carnahan - AHDRA rider
Patrick Sheltra- dirt late model star / ARCA
Patrick Staropoli - ASA Late Model Driver
Patrick Williams -Late Model racer
Paulie Millum-sprint car ace
Perry Brown - Late Model racer & Dirt Modifieds
Pete Hamilton - 1970 Daytona 500 winner
Pete Walton-USCS
Peter Cozzolino - ASA LAte Model Driver
Phil Guadagno-Owner North Florida Speedway
Promoter Ron Varney
Ralph Hester - Immokalee Dragway owner/promoter.
Randy Borho - AHDRA rider
Randy Fox-Late Model Racer
Randy Hannagan-”Penthouse” World of Outlaws
Randy “the Silver Bullet” Johnson- a Bomber Racer
Rex "Boneman" Hollinger - race car driver
Rex Guy - Auburndale Speedway Co-owner
Ric Mills-Outlaw Modifieds
Rich Clouser-Late Model Champ
Rich Pratt -Late Model racer
Rick and Susan Auriemma-FastTime Productions
Rick Bristol-Truckers 200 promoter and long time Florida racing personality
Rick Day -Promoter
Rick Moore -AHDRA
Ricky Bobby Baldwin - Defending DeSoto Open Wheel Champ
Ricky Carmichael - Motocross superstar/stock car racer
Ritchie Wauters - Crew Chief NASCAR Craftsman Trucks
Rob Atchison - 3 time World Funny Car Champion
Rob Kohler-Hendry County Speedway
Rob Partelo-ASA/Late Models
Robbie “The Hired Gun” Hudlow IHRA racer
Robbie Cooper - modified ace
Robbie Pyle - ASA LAte Model Driver
Roby Helm - Late Models
Roger Bathe-
Roger Crouse - Dirt Late Model racer
Ron Houniet - Fast Lane Harley Racing
Roy Anderson - Desoto Pure Stocks
Russ Chapman - ASA Tech Director
Rusty Marcus - promoter Orlando Speedworld
Rusty Marcus- Orlando Speedworld
Ryan Crane - 2007 Snowflake winner at Five Flags Speedway
Ryan Crane - Late Model racer
Ryan Sieg -Late Model racer
Scot Walters-Former NASCAR Craftsman Truck/Slim Jim driver
Scott Bloomquist - Dirt Late Models
Scott Cannon, Jr. - IHRA Pro Modified Champion
Scott Dawley-Desoto Racer
Scott Grosenbacher- Late Models
Scott Grossenbacher-Super Late Models
Scott Jackman-Goodyear Late Model Challenge
Scott McAllister- Announcer and Public Relations
Scott Pollacheck - KILLACYCLE rider
Scott Pollachek - AHDRA rider & rider of the Killacycle
Scott Reeves-Son of Speedy Reeves and truck racer
Scotty Adema - Sprints
Scotty Cannon - returns to Pro Mods with his son in identical machines
Sean Bass - ASA LAte Model Driver
Sean LeMaster - Late Models
Sean Murphy - ASA LAte Model Driver
Sean Reutimann - Spotter for David Reutimann
Senator Bill Posey-Racer and former track owner
Seth Gerco-Florida Mini Cup Champion
Seth Greco - Truck racer
Shan Smith - Dirt Late Model racer
Shan Smith - Dirt Late Models
Shane Butler all from the - TBARA Sprints
Shane “the Iceman” Yoder and his dad Brent, former modified mini stock racer
Shaun McWhirter-Canadian Late Model Racer
Shelly Perry-Rhode Island Open Wheel racer
Sherry Clifton - Hickory Motor Speedway
Sonny Burres - AHDRA rider
Stan Sheppard - AHDRA Sportsman Association President
Stephen Cox-Long time Speed and Outdoor Channel announcer
Steve Arpin - Dirt Modifieds
Steve Arpin-Dirt Modifieds
Steve Dorer -Race Car Engineering
Steve Francis- Dirt Late Models
Steve Johnson - Garage Art (dot com)
Steve LeTempt -IHRA/AHDRA Announcer
Steve Lewis - PRI trade show creator
Steve Myers -Late Model Fan
Steven Darvalics-TBARA/Late Models
Super Mario Gosselin-Hooters, ARCA, Super Late Models
Superman Dave Steele-Sprint Car Champ
Susan & Rick Auriemma - FAST Mini Cups 2007 review
Susan and Rick Auriemma - Series Promoters
Taylor Andrews-former TBARA President and four time TBARA Champion
Teddy Kempgens-Fabricator/Trucks
Teddy Nelson-Open Wheel Modified racer
Terrell Webb - Auburndale Speedway
Terry Price - stock car racer
Terry Roberts-New Smyrna Speedway GM
Terry Scampton -Sunshine Reunion
Terry Tripp - AHDRA rider
Terry Wall -Motorsports Media
The Campbell Clan and Mike Amo-long time racers
Tim Bryant-Owner/Promoter Five Flags Speedway
Tim Lake - GM Columbia Motorsports Park
Tim Russell-ARCA/Late Models
TJ Zizzo - Top Fuel Champion Drag Racer
Todd and Debbie Hutto- co-owners of East Bay Raceway Park
Todd Hutto - co-owner East Bay Raceway Park
Tom Ast - National Lawn Mower Racing
Tommy Grimes - AHDRA rider
Tommy King - ASA LAte Model Driver
Tommy King - Late Models
Tommy Trubble- Master of the Suicide Spiral Stunt
Tony Veneziano-World of Outlaws Media
Travis Cope - ASA LAte Model Driver
Travis Cope - fresh off his first USA International Speedway win
Travis Dassow - ASA LAte Model Driver
Travis Kittelson-Late Models/ASA
Travis Nichols-Southern Sportsman
Travis Reynolds - IHRA Media
Travis Roland-Truck Racer
Travis Wilson - ASA Late Model Driver
Trent Snyder - ASA Late Model Driver
Trent Snyder - ASA Northern Champion
Troy DeCaire - TBARA 2007 Champion
Troy DeCaire-TBARA
Tyler Lainge - racer
Tyler Lau -Pure Stock driver at Desoto
Tyler Townsend - ASA LAte Model Driver
Valerie Thompson - AHDRA rider
Verl Smith (“Smitty) - Racing for Vets Program
Wayne Anderson-Super Late Model racer
Wayne Calkins - Figure 8 star
Wayne Morris - ASA LAte Model Driver
Wayne Reutimann Jr -Sprint Car Racer
Wayne Reutimann Sr. - Sprint Car Racer
Wayne “The Rocket Man” Jefferson-Open Wheel ace/Super Late Model racer
Wendy Isom - Reporter Jackson Sun
Wendy Mathis-TBARA
Wes Burton - ASA LAte Model Driver
Will Cagle - Racing Legend
Will Simplot - AHDRA rider
Zack Johnson - AHDRA rider


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