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Old 10-06-2009, 08:41 PM
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Default Larry MacMillian 2009

They are far and few between, writers for short track racing.

Yesterday, Florida lost one of their's, Larry MacMillan. Larry was 73 years old and celebrated his 34th wedding anniverary in June. The reason I know this is because that week Larry was late sending out his story and results and wrote me a note saying he was sorry for being late and not writing a story but he had been celebrating with friends his 34th wedding anniversary.

My father has COPD and requires oxygen and Larry also had to have oxygen. I always told Larry that I admired him because he did not let that stop him and he was still announcing and still writing.
He did get around with that oxygen tank, nothing stopped him from doing what he loved.

Larry and I only met a few times but we did e-mail each other alot. Since there are only a few, and I do mean a few, of us who actually do write for local short track racing, we had alot in common except that I was female and he was male. He would tease me that I was the only female who ever stuck it out and he admired me for that. Although the press box at Citrus is very small, he would always make room for me when the Sunbelt or Modified tour ran there. He was always the "gentleman".

Personally, we have lost a true friend of racing and an exceptional writer. Every Sunday like clockwork, I would get Larry's story and top five results. Unless it was rained out or he was celebrating his anniversary or he took time off for some surgery, Larry was always there for racing.

It is very doubtful that Citrus County Speedway will find another Larry MacMillan. We will miss you my friend but you won't be forgotten. You will live on in our hearts and as long as you are there, you are still with us.

Thank you Larry for all your hard work, for your dedication to a sport you loved and for giving us your friendship.
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Old 10-15-2009, 01:11 PM
northfloridajoyce northfloridajoyce is offline
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Default The Best Friend one could have

I loved Larry and he taught me much. Citrus want be the same without him.I grew up listening to Larry and I worked with him and he was a great man.I was honored to have been taught some of the things I know today by Larry.
I spoke to him a few days before the Blast race and assured me that anything is possible.I hope he will be with us in sprit the next one. Even tough he wasn't physically there on August 31,2009 he was there in my heart.
Thanks Larry for everything that you have given to racing threw out your life.
Mrs.Edwenna and Family my sincere love to you all ,Your husband and father was a great man.My prayers are with you all. Joyce Lankford
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Old 07-28-2012, 05:55 AM
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This is my first post and I realize how long after the event but I felt this was the perfect place to start here at KARNAC.
I knew Larry McMillan very well and only learned about when he passed a couple weeks ago. I actually thought he died long before that so I was happy to find out he lived longer than I thought.
Larry was a radio announcer at a little station in Clearwater by the Intercoastal Waterway though I don't remember the station's call letters. I knew him because his sons; Ricky and Gary were among my best friends growing up. I spent many a day with the family and got to know Larry pretty well.
In the late sixties I found out he was the announcer at Sunshine Speedway in Pinellas Park because his oldest son, Ricky, invited me to the races. We got in free because of Larry and had a great time watching guys like Dan Daughtry, Jim Fenton, Gordon Lee, Billy Gill, Kenny Faircloth, and Dale Alderman along with a bunch of others I'll save for other posts. We made it a regular thing and through the rest of the school years went to the track with Larry nearly every week. We even got to hang out in the offices and heard some juicy inside tales there.
After High School the boys and I saw each other less frequently but I continued going to the races, having been bit by the bug. I always made it a point to say hello to Larry at some time during the night. He used to make funny names like Pineapple Park when announcing drivers from that town and always hung out the laundry (to include a three cup bra) to wave at the figure-8ers before every race. He was great at moving the crowd and creating excitement during the evening.
The biggest thrill for me was on my first night of racing in the newly formed Thundercar division (I do believe it was in 1975-76) and we were lined up on the front straight waiting for the pace truck to move out and I actually heard him announce my name as driving the #11. He added; "This is a boy I've watched grow up since snakehood." That was referring to the fact that I collected snakes with his sons on occasion. It brought goosebumps to me ( or was that just the anxiety of my first race...nah).
I was sad to hear thatLarry had left the track along with many other officials and luckily they all found a home at Citrus County Speedway where he spent the rest of his days performing the same wonderful job there that he did at Sunshine. I even went up there a few times to see the races and hear his announcing. The last time was at the beginning of the season in 2008 where they had a standing room only sold out show (I'm glad we got there early).
So that's it. I just wanted to share my recollections of Larry McMillan with all of you.
Have a Wonderful Day!!!
John (aka, The "Creature")
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