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Default Boycott Jeff Scofield

After seeing the video of Jeff Scofield wrecking Jake Perkins at Full Throttle (Jake Perkins Motorsports Fan page on Facebook) it begs to ask the question why Florida tracks permit this type of behavior. If Florida racing wants to get to the next level it must stop this type of behavior. It is my understanding that the number 07 was not penalized for this and then later went on to drive his car against traffic while going after another driver. What is wrong with this picture? He calls it rubbing! Why would anyone want to race in Florida? There are so many talented drivers ( ie. Jake Perkins, Anthony Campi, Tim Russell, Steve Doer, only to mention a few) who could compete at a larger level but there talent is overshadowed by the irrational and dangerous behavior of the likes of Scofield. Is it not time that drivers boycott tracks that support behavior such as that of Jeff Scofield. Just wondering.
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