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Default May you rest in peace, Tommy Dunford

It's with a heavy heart that we are here to annouce the passing of a fantastic, respected, jovial, kind-hearted man, Tommy Dunford. Words can't describe the impressions that he left on the hearts of so many. He had a laugh that could be heard state wide, and a smile that could cheer up the grumpiest soul. He touched our hearts, and was a man you could always count on. Through thick and thin, Tommy D would get you through it. Our hearts are hurting, and the tears can't seem to stop falling, but that's not what Tommy would want. He doesn't want to see us mourning his death, but remembering the good times. Let's ALL RISE, and cheers to the wonderful life of Tommy Dunford. It didn't matter if you knew him for 50 years, 5 months or 5 minutes... he left an impression.

The person who coined the phase that I use quite often, "A friend of everyone, is a friend of noone" must have never had the priveledge to meet Tommy D.

The racing community has lost two of its very best. With the news of Robert Aaron, and now the loss of Tommy Dunford... there's gonna be a lot of racing going on in heaven. May you both rest in peace, and forever live in the hearts of your family and friends. We love you both.

Funeral services have yet to be determined for Tommy Dunford, but we will be sure to keep you updated with the latest information as soon as we receive.

The Cope Family
Mike, Jane, Megan and Travis
as well as the entire Bronson Motor Speedway family and community
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