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This guy was the Henry Ford of stock car racing, IMHO.

Ed Howe from Beaverton, MI., and his business, Howe Racing, put late model racing on the fast track to factory designed and built racecars. His cars may not have been affordable like Henry Ford's were, but they did push the evolution from home-built late models based on street cars, to faster, safer and more readily available chassis.

Howe Racing will be celebrating its 50'th anniversary soon, although Ed himself is retired.

Ed was a pretty good driver too. He made frequent trips to Florida for the big events. Winning was the best way to sell cars, and Ed won a ton.

He also had an interest in "unusual" numbers for his cars. There was the "H" car (supposed to be a #4), and the ones shown below, 60 and 61. If you look close, you will see that they are actually "GOne and Go1ng". In ths shot, Ed was in the 60, and Michigan hall of famer Tom Maier drove 61.
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