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Cool NSS Richie's 4th best track !!

When you look at Richie's Wikipedia account, he has 39 wins at NSS, making it his 4th best track. That's pretty cool when you consider that he spent only 10 days a year at NSS. I think his bussies year was when he showed up with a SB Chevy in a Cavalier and a BB Chevy in a Pinto. The first night they ran the BB Pinto the next night they ran the SB Cavalier. The third night they put the SB in the Pinto and the fourth night they ran the BB in the Cavalier. The fifth night they had the SB back in the Cavalier and ran it the rest of the week. I asked Richie about the third year he showed up at NSS, why he raced there every Speedweeks, and he said that was the only place you race 9 races back to back and when you can test in real racing conditions back to back, you learn things much faster. That's where all those Championships came from. Nobody out worked Richie and his guys!! Oh yeah, nobody out partied them either!! Will maybe Dick Trickle and his guys !!
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