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Default Its all in the organization

I know; we are supposed to discuss Florida racing. However there is an example here that could benefit our fine local tracks.

I went to the USAC sprint show at Kokomo this week. It was part of USAC's Indiana Sprint Week, an 8 race series across 7 local dirt tracks. Since it was also part of a national tour, there were cars from across the country, and many driven by the biggest names in the sport!

Kokomo Speedway is a historic 1/4 dirt track in a small farming and manufacturing town. The type of track that is drying up in many locations, but this one appears to be thriving. It is not that the place is new and shiny; in fact most of the facility is pretty run dpwn. The main grandstand faces into the setting sun; a real problem for fans, but the track responded by erecting a tall, safe aluminum stand on the backstraight. A good move indeed.

Here is what the track did really well. They had a one class show with 47 cars, started on time, held it in front of full stands, and were done in 3 hours. The accident clean-ups were VERY quick, the restarts were no nonsense and also very quick. They used expertise, time and plenty of water to produce an excellent racing surface, despite the weather that was very hot and sunny. Best of all, they presented a show that the fans wanted to see. Wingless sprints on dirt are amazing!

So what is the example? Organization trumps fancy facilities. Fans will still turn out for an interesting show that is well run. I bet every one of those fans (and competitors) would not hesitate to return to Kokomo Speedway.

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