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Default Sunshine Nationals

Went to Volusia Saturday, holy moly what a show!

161 Late Modela across the WoO, Crates and Fl Late Models - Honestly other than the WoO, i couldnt tell the differences between them. No idea how many laps of qualifying, heats, last chances and features i saw.

I tapped out a little after midnight when Tuck Trentham spun during the Fl Late feature - too damn cold and i felt like i got my moneys worth.

Speaking of moneys worth. The new stands at Volusia are amazing. Way taller with the best view i have ever had there. More importantly tons more room between rows and seats. I splurged for the premium seats and already booked my DirtCr nationals seats there too. They have a little table in front of them and tons of legroom. Better do your cardio to get up there tho. Only complaint there is the railing that separates you from the cretins in regular reserved seats gets in the line of sight.

I honestly cant tell you much about the racing because i saw so much of it, but Bloomquist impressed as did Kyle Bronson and Strickler. Great too see some older names like Tuck and Clegg and Showers (even if it was Jr).

Apparently they brought in new clay just a few weeks back as well. Cant wait till Speedweeks!
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