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Default USAC is a top notch organization

Bill France learned how to found NASCAR by going to AAA and USAC events.So did John Marcum and Earl Baltes who owned Eldora.I know it's hard for the Southern stock car fans to accept but AAA then USAC had the tracks,the drivers and the notoriety that Bill France sought.But....the Midwestern winters are tough on outdoor facilities.And too many track owners neglected their facilities back in their heyday and let them get to the point where they are a hard sell if they are forced to close their gates.This season is going to be a backbreaker for a lot of tracks.I question the use of only one track wrecker at various tracks here in Florida.It makes clean up take forever which is a true joy while you are baking in the Florida sun.I had never been to a track that only used one wrecker before I came to Florida.It didn't make sense to me then and a dozen years later still doesn't.Ive never been to any of the tracks in Indiana but Ohio has many in the same position.They are still thriving because they are out in the middle of farm country.The tracks closer to the bigger cities continue to struggle more than thrive.But if you keep ignoring upkeep eventually the USAC's of the world quit scheduling you.

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