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Originally Posted by Benny The Mule View Post
Gas spiked in 2000 and again in really doesn't matter (who's) in there.
I don't remember much of a spike in the last half of 2000. It jumped to around $1.25 early and stayed there most of the year.

I don't think it matters so much who is in there as who is running for office.

If you don't think the OPEC group want a democrat in office, well you may be a little naive. I've noticed a spike in gas prices every election year that a republican is running for reelection, or a republican was favored to win.

They have supported the democrat in the last 6 elections that I can remember clearly at my feeble age of 50. My guess as to why? Because they don't respect/fear a US with a weak foreign policy president.

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