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Default Because facts don't work when your stupid

Originally Posted by OLD STYLE RACER 2 View Post
WOW Roundtracker, Pretty big words considering we are in a recession and a WAR we can't win, because of the powers that be.
I have a idea for ya. How bout you convince them with fact instead of calling them names.....People might take you more seriously then sounding like an asshole!!!!......JMO
You can give stupid people all the facts in the world and it want do them any good! If you voted for Obama you are an idiot. I don't really give a crap if you take me seriously or not. Don't really care if I sound like an A-hole to you or any one else. JMO

As far as winning the war it's pretty much won. Unless your candidate snatches defeat from the jaws of victory by pulling all the troops out too soon. I wish that is what his daddy would have done with his mother.

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