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Originally Posted by AJ14 View Post
i'll just say that the vote of every single person in the country was just as important as yours ..
WRONG! Every voter like me who voted independent or (other) votes went by the wayside when the electoral college kicked in.

The system was created to be sure only party candidates (career polititions) actually GOT IN.

the only other thing i will say is Obama did go after the young vote (for democrats.....him) to be sure to get the electors in states who have for years went republican.

He got all the kids to vote for him.......he promised them ice cream.

Now i have to feed and milk the cow! (Thanks Jim Fenton for the lesson)

The votes that got him the election were from people absolutely CLUELESS to what has been happening and what is going to.

He kept spewing CHANGE...and the masses morons fell for it.

Now all the ones who voted for him said the need to wait to see what the change will actually follow me?

They voted based on words, or one word, got him in and have no idea what he's going to do.

BTW, everyone research his tax plan, that $250,000.00 BS actually starts down around $40,000.00.....just not as steep as the 250k peeps.

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