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Well to begin with you spelled ignorant incorrectly . Not a good start if you're trying to call people stupid . I'm one of the worst at spelling so i guess i don't have room to talk .
Sorry we didn't check with you first to see how to vote on election day , but we were in a hurry to get to the polls .
I can't tell for sure which guy you voted for in the election , i'll just say that the vote of every single person in the country was just as important as yours . And because someone voted differently than you did , doesn't mean their vote was not well thought out .
I can't say i've ever been influenced in an election by a dope smoking rock star , or for that matter a Hollywood movie star . And i doubt very many others have either .
The best man won . He got the most votes . He's the President . Thats how it works . Except for the election of 2000 of course .
Good luck with that stomach problem .
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