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Originally Posted by Boneman View Post
I'm sure we are all familiar with Haiku, right? It is a 3 line Japanese poem, with 5 sylables in the first line, 7 sylables in the next, and 5 in the last.

Nothing expresses love like a poem, so since there are so many Bandolero fans here, I suggest a Haiku contest where we can express our true feelings. Here are my first entries.

They give me headaches.
It's the centrifigal clutch,
no car should have one.

They always run heats,
And get plenty of practice.
My class gets dumped on.

"Stars of tomorrow"
Tick off the fans of today.
Bring on the sprint cars!

Kidding aside, give these kids a chance to race at OSW. If I was young, I'd love to race one, and I can identify with the parents who are racing with their kids. My problem with Bandos is that they seem to take over the show, and stop the momentum in its tracks. Can they run double features on Saturday? How about running them before the Friday night show officially begins?

Please race on day 6
Friday nights are for big cars,
not noisy small things.

The fans fell asleep,
before the first lap was done,
woke when completed.

I too fell asleep,
but noise woke me up again,
Kevin should race these.

Races are too long,
quit counting on your fingers,
I know how this works.
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