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Originally Posted by ovalracer44 View Post
What We Todd is saying is that FDR is the one that started government handouts and welfare. Not LBJ like the first claim you made.
My reference was to the "War on Poverty" by LBJ which 'GAVE' benefits,both cash and food stamps, to the poor without having to work for it.
The word welfare is first mentioned in the "Five Pillars of Islam' in the 8th century. England included the word welfare in the 'English Poor Law' of 1601.
Below is a paragraph from the history of welfare about FDR's contribution:

The United States did not have an organized welfare system until the Great Depression, when emergency relief measures were introduced under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Even then, Roosevelt's New Deal focused predominantly on a programme of providing work and stimulating the economy through public spending on projects, rather than on cash payments.

Again, my referrence was about LBJ and his War On Poverty.....which is a TOTAL failure. Example: New Orleans 2005 (and maybe a repeat next week).
(it's is raining here and we were getting ready to go to Volusia tonight..DAM)
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