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But the FACT is, is he is a Christian so that should have been left out of the original post.

no, the FACT is, he claims to be a Christian. whether he's lying or not is pretty much irrelevant to me as i believe him when his actions say he believes Black Liberation Theology:

for those out of the loop, in shorthand plain vanilla Liberation Theology is Marxism crossed with Jesuit Catholicism.

Black Liberation Theology is the above with the racialist aspirations of Adolph Hitler tacked on for good measure. Black Liberation comments are what got Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, thrown under the bus once they hit YouTube a couple of months back.

I believe that Mike Huckabee was our best shot.

he's no more of a small guv'mint consertave than Bush Jr.

Dem. Pres. LBJ's "War on Poverty" 1964

at least 30 years off. FDR.
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