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Originally Posted by carolwicks View Post
one of the issues with people is that Obama supposedly believes in the Koran rather than the Bible. most dont know the difference so i looked some of it up (generalizing of course) to show the difference...
thanks for the site.
It should not matter. That is why our forefathers wanted freedom of religion.

People have tended to skew the facts a little. We are not at war with the Muslim religion. We are at war with radical whack jobs. Hitler was raised a Catholic, and although he was not known to be a religious person, it was reported that he believed in the Bible. He was quite arguably one of the worlds worst terrorists ever know. Does this mean we should fear a Christian presidential candidate?

Religion and politics are two things that should never be combined. One should not use religion to govern people. Religion should not influence laws.

That said, Obama says what a lot of people are feeling. Whether we can trust him is another. I agree and disagree with a lot of points he makes. Same with Mccain. Can we trust Mccain. He is willing to keep us at war regardless of how in debt it makes this country. We are already at the breaking point of which our creditors will soon no longer front the U.S. government money. Both sides Republican and Democrat have become big spenders. No longer is the Republican party affiliated with Western Conservatism. The the republican party is now a mark of southern conservatism. Two unrelated types of conservatism.

Western Conservatism = Fiscal conservatism
Southern Conservatism = Social conservatism/ Christan influence

I for one am fed up with southern conservatives. No where does anyone have the right to take their religion and use it to govern my or anyone elses personal lives.

This election will be a matter of what type of screwing do you prefer.
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