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Hay Don. If you are following along and you can see Mini taking jabs at my son you will know that I must be Mr.Dunn. But then again, everybody on here knows who I am even you.

But anyway. REAL MEN like me fill out their profile and include their real name and phone number. Maybe you and Mini can take a little time and do that. Other racing sites that I visit people won't even respond to you if your profile isn't filled out. You won't have any creditability like most people on this board. He won't tell you his name in public. It will take a REAL man to do that.

Mini. I have always known who you are but I never knew that you had a problem with me. Now you chose to degrade me, attack my son and make this personal over a simple respones to your post. You got problems man. I guess it is because we have won two out of the last three races we have raced with your boy. That must really eat you up since we got 200hp less than your boy

and he has never won a race against me. So we will "chat" about this in person the next time I see your sorry ass at the track. I asked you if you wanted to do it nice or do it shitty. I guess you chose shitty.

P.S. At least they got medication for what I got. What you got I guess you got from your family tree. It only goes straight up. On branches. Good luck with that. Nuff said. I done with your sorry ass for now.

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