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I did want to say one more thing before I stop replying to this thread. This is what I copied and pasted that I said. It was just something that HE said on another post. There was no reason him attack myself and my family and drag his friends into this. He said it not me.

"Mini. You just posted on another topic about bashing and complaining about tracks. You said, I think you are right, the bad apples should be thrown out before they spoil the fun for the rest of us. Or something like that.

Things that make you go. Hummmmm

Maybe the Young's need to start their list before they even open. It is already getting sour around here. I'm just say'n."

I never attacked him, degraded him, or any of his family members or friends. I just reminded him what he had just quoted on another thread. But i will now. I hope his manhood is longer than his fuse or he is going to have a real hard time with lets say oooooohh..... LIFE. There was no need to explode. He needs to grow up and put his age on his profile so I know if I am arguing with a punk kid or not. Because he sure act like one. He needs to grow up and don't mess with someones kid or he is going to learn the hard way. Just like when I asked him if He wanted to do it the nice way or the shitty way. He chose shitty. Freaking kids now a day. Unbelievable.

P.S. Thanks to all that PMed my about this kid. I should have known this by his first response. I never get to get to Citrus much anymore. But thanks. I won't be reading this thread anymore anyway. If he want to talk to me he knows where to find me. Thanks to all. Heading to the track. My SON is taking me in a 997 two seated. Hope to be talking to you tomorrow. happy fathers day.

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