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Originally Posted by mr south 59 View Post
Mini. You really need to get your facts straight. We NEVER touched the pace car. And what you quoted that I said I never said. Get your facts straight before you quote me or I might do a monster truck move on your face. I might think that is funny too. We never touched your butt buddy when we passed him. We pressured him so hard he drove in way over his head. He is a sore looser like you. You still got something on you chin. Need a tissue.

Rubbing is racing Mini. If you can't get along, get it on.
Are you going to take me up on the banana there internet tough guy? I am really scared is all I can say and I dont hide behind a screen name like some people do. You are not only ignorant but you are apparently delusional as well. They make medication for that you know. Nobody said ANYTHING about you hitting a pace car. There were several people that heard you talk about your talented son being able to "knock people out of the way without wrecking them" in between your meek cries of "I don't have any money" or "why is this happening to us " If you are looking for sympathy a good starting point would be in the Webster between shit and syphilis. Keep grasping for those straws and showing off that sub par IQ you are so proudly sporting. Let me know when you are ready for that banana bobo!
Nathan Florian

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