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Please remember that racing is a business. Tell me how many businesses you know of that made official announcements of their grand opening when they were not ready to open.

I know there is a lot of excitement and anticipation building up around the new ownership and racing coming back to Bronson Speedway. Ann has told me a media announcement will be made at the right time.

Common sense has to come into play here folks: if this business is not ready to be reopened then it is not ready to be reopened plain and simple. Be patient, don't be a pest with constant calls and emails as to when they are going to be reopening. When the track is ready to be reopened we'll all get the word.

If a new Walmart was going to open in your area would you be constantly emailing or phone calling Bentonville, Arkansas asking them when it was going to be opening? I doubt it. You'd wait patiently until they made their official announcement. That's Business 101. How is this any different?

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