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One of the questions I asked Ann Young back in mid March was "Why do you feel you will be successful at Bronson Speedway considering that the track has had many operators in the past and many tracks have closed in Florida."

This is the complete response I got from her:
"First let me say that failure is not an option. We plan to bring a humbleness to racing at the track. Our drivers, car owners, crew members, and fans will be treated as if they were clients and guests. They will be treated with the utmost respect. It will be our privilege to serve them. Any employee that does not heed this policy will not be employed for long at this track."

The first few words of her response are all important. The Youngs do not want to fail. They want to make sure that Bronson Speedway is the best it can possibly be for the racers and fans as well. They have high standards for what they want the facility to be like and how it will be run. I respect the Youngs desire to make Bronson Speedway a premier race facility and I would hope you feel the same.

Since I wrote that article I have checked back from time to time with Ann. She has told me that an announcement to the media will be made at the right time: when the track is ready to be reopened. Be patient and I feel you'll be duly reward when you'll get a premier race facility in the state of Florida that you will be proud of.

As a sidebar I'd like to correct some misinformation that has gotten out in the public from another racing media outlet. The Youngs never ran a racetrack up North for 30 years. The thirty years Ann refers to are the number of years that her family has been involved in racing from a competitors stand point. Her husband, Chris, has been a successful NASCAR modified driver at Riverhead Raceway for decades and a frequent driver on the NASCAR Modified Tour. She has a son who is following in Chris' footsteps racing Legend cars.

The Youngs have competed at many highly successful NASCAR sanctioned tracks throughout the Northeast. They have seen first hand, from the all important driver, car owner prospective, what it takes to run a track effectively and appreciated respectful treatment. The Youngs want to bring that kind of caring track management to Bronson Speedway.
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